Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wild River

   The other day we played the Fords of Isen battle and for the purposes of the scenario we needed a wild river. To make one, I followed the same steps as I did with all the previous terrain pieces.

The three parts of the river

Fords of Isen battle

   The tools I used were: a silicon pistol, a sculpting tool and a plastic spoon! The materials were: hard paper, wood putty, little rocks and static grass. First of all, I drew the banks and the shallow passages of the river on the three hard paper pieces. Each piece is 15x50cm.  

Black and grey wood putty and little rocks 

    After that I applied the wood putty on the papers and while it was still wet I stuck the rocks on it. At some point the grey putty finished and I continued with the black one. 

    When everything became dry I painted burnt umber the ground, green and blue the river, white the foam of the river flow and grey the rocks.

   Then the critical moment came! To make the waves of the river, the huge waves to be precise because the river is a wild one! For that reason, I used silicon, which I applied with a silicon pistol all over the river. When all the river surface was covered with silicon, I used the sculpting tool to make it even from bank to bank. And finally, I hit the applied silicon from one edge of the river to the other with the rear side of the spoon bowl. The last took several minutes but when I finished the waves were done! It is important to hold the spoon parallel to the river banks while you hit the silicon surface so that all the waves have the same flow direction. 
The tools and the first part of the river

The river under artificial lighting

   I had to wait all night for the silicon to became dry and after that I took some more photos at daylight this time:

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   By the way, a warm welcome to Cylde, Pablo Sanchez and Gareth the Grot!


  1. What a great looking project!

    A river/stream is a piece of terrain I have not yet tried to make. Thanks for the little tutorial. I may have to give it a shot now.

  2. Blackwarden thank you for your nice words! Good luck with your trial!


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