Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mordor vs Gondor

   A few weeks ago we played a simple, fast and fun game. Each player had an army of 1000 points, with which he had to hold two of the three objectives, or even better, all three of them, if it was possible. The objectives were the three red bright stones, you can see them forming a triangle in the middle of the table. We had a limit of turns to play, which were eight if I remember well. When the eighth turn was over, we had to count the objectives that we possessed. Who had the more was the winner.
   I thought that it would be a piece of cake for my Mordor army accompanied with their allies, the Easterlings, to defeat the Gondor's warriors. Unfortunately, that was not true. Each one of us managed to occupy a red stone easily, but when we started to fight for the third one, the terrain was proved a disadvantage for me because I could not move the mass of my army as I had planned. So, I lost precious time to make my move and to surround them. Below you can see the three red stones. The one in the blue circle I considered lost from the beginning. The left one I occupied easily. But for the right one my army had to fight hard. The red arrows show the moves I was planning to do.

   When finally I succeeded, completed my move and surrounded my enemies, the game was over and I lost! Anyway it was a fun to control heroes such as Shagrat, Shadow Lord, etc. and next time I hope Mordor will be victorious!     

 The terrain of the battle. Evil force is on the right. 

Gondor's forces

 Mordor's forces

The battlefield from the side of the good forces
The fight for the left red stone

The fight for the middle red stone

The trial to flank the enemy

   That's it for today. In a future post I will show you my Black Numenoreans that are ready now.  Enjoy! 

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