Thursday, January 26, 2012

LotR New Releases

   Amazing news!
The Guardian in the Lake (56€, Finecast, 4th February, 7"long and 4" high):

Great Gorgoth Beast (56€, Finecast, 4th February, Mordor, carrying 10 Orcs):

At least they have some potential for non-LOTR conversion, even if Finecast makes it difficult.

Horror from the Deep (32.50 €, Finecast, alternative head, sculpted base):

Casualties (23.50 €, Finecast):

Groblog, King of the Deep (Goblin, 12.50 €, Finecast):

Ashrak Spiderblood (Goblin, 10.50 €, Finecast):

Warg-Lootriders (Goblins, 19.50 €, Finecast):

The 5 sourcebooks (Human Kingdoms, Free People, Fallen Realms, Mordor, Moria&Angmar) are 48 pages and 19.50 € each


  1. Very nice, you should also post the new commander models

  2. I have to wait for the White Dwarf magazine to be imported to Athens first. I just posted it because I was enthousiasted by the new releases.

  3. Nice info here. I never had the patience to trawl through the forums (except for the pics) - and here you've got the number of Orcs on the GGB and the Kraken-measurements even! Many thanks mr Katastases.



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