Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Kill Frodo!" LotR SBG Battle

   A few months ago we played a very interesting game. The scenario was simple. The Evil forces had one and only objective, to kill Frodo, but this was not so easy for the evil side as it sounds. The reason was  that Frodo was invisible and only Nazguls were capable to accomplish that task. Furthermore, a warband of stubborn Dwarves protected him and a cavalry unit of Prince Imrahil, his Swan Knights of  Dol Amroth and Knights of Minas Tirith were running for help. From the other side Witch-king, Khamul the Easterling, four other Nazguls, Easterlings and Warriors of  Harad formed a huge Evil Force determined to demolish Frodo.

The battlefield

   The Dwarves on the left manned the walls of the ruined castle while Frodo (the red x) and his Hobbit friends were standing in the small keep. Prince Imrahil's men had to support the Dwarves who protected Frodo. For this reason they had to cover all the distance of the battlefield from right to left, passing through the enemy forces.
Dwarves man the walls

The relief force

Khamul and the Easterlings

Witch-king and the Warriors of Harad

Prince Imrahil's Attack

The clash

The fight

The shooting

"You shall not pass"


"Kill them all"

Witch-king's last moments

   Although Prince Imrahil and his men managed to reach the enemies the right moment, when the Dwarves' defence started to collapse, the hero of the day was Drar. He with his 'Expert Shot' special rule sent two lethal arrows to Witch-king who was the last Nazgul alive. After that no evil warrior could harm Frodo and the Good Forces were victorious!  


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