Sunday, February 3, 2013


   There are various designs of trees for our miniature games at stores. I had seven pine trees of different height, each one of them stuck on a separate base. That was a problem though and I will explain why.
  Very often, during our games someone's sleeve overturned one of the trees sweeping off many miniatures on its way. Whenever this happened, it brought chaos to the table and the game stopped! In order to avoid this I stuck two or three trees together on a larger base, so simple! Below you can see some photos of the final result, as well as the progress of this step by step.

The forest 

The seven pine trees on separate bases

The new bases

I glued the old tree bases on the new ones

and covered everything with black wood putty.

Drar and his Dwarf Ranger help to have a sense of the forest size!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more! 


  1. Great idea. I keep knocking over the palm trees in my Pirates game. I think I'll use your tutorial and put them in groups on large bases.

    Thanks for the lesson!

  2. You are welcome Blackwarden and thank you very much for your words!

  3. Good idea... I think modelling such area woodland can be a trade off... some rules allow fairly free movement through the terrain, making single movable trees useful, but other games like LOTR benefit from static trees as you have done. Nice one!


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