Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wooden Fences

   Wooden fences are my latest scenery pieces. For this project, I used the following materials: hard paper, wood putty, white glue, little rocks, static grass, balsa woods and natural little tree twigs! I preferred twigs to balsa woods for making the fences because I wanted the final result to have a countryside look. 

The fences

The picture that inspired me

   First step was to cover the hard paper with black wood putty. After that I stuck the rocks on it,  as well as the balsa woods vertically and the twigs horizontally to make the fences.  

   I painted everything with the base colours, neutral grey for the rocks, cork brown for the balsa woods, black brown for the twigs and burnt umber for the soil.

   Next step was to highlight whatever was painted with dark colours and wash the balsa woods painted cork brown. Finally, I glued some static grass here and there.

The final result

   Below you can see Drar and his Dwarf Ranger for scale of the fences.

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. Great looking fences, a very nice work!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Scott and welcome back to your regular post publishing rhythm!

  3. Thank you very much, sordar joy! One of the best feedback I ever had!

  4. This is one of the most incredible blogs Ive read in a really long time.

    fences wooden

    1. Dorothy, I would like to thank you for two reasons!
      Firstly, for your nice words! And the second thank you for "waking me up" after almost a year of silence from my side in my blog!


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