Saturday, July 7, 2012

Khandish Charioteers WIP (Part 3)

   Two of the three chariots are ready. Below I try to explain what I have done since the previous post, step by step. As I have already said, I did not make yokes. Instead, I used simple paper clips to hold the pair of horses on their bases together.

The paper clips. King's is the yellow one.

   I used yellow-grey mulliput for the chariot floors. I put an extra paper clip on the top of King's chariot frame. The reason I did this was to secure the two flags, with which I plan to decorate King's chariot.  

The chariot floors

   Every horse had a hole on its rear right side. I used greenstuff to fill these holes.

   Furthermore, I used two flags and an asian chinese shield to distinquish the King's chariot. I used greenstuff which I gave a fur appearance to cover every chariot frame. One of the two Variags has a bow while the other has an axe. I put a bow and a quiver to the later's chariot, so that every charioteer has a bow.

Archer's and King's chariots

Axeman's, King's and Archer's chariots

   In order to place the charioteers on their proper places in the chariots I painted the clips with red colour and touched the floors marking their positions. After that, I drilled holes where the marks were.

   With all these done, two chariots are ready for painting. 

Khandish Archer's Chariot

Khandish Axeman's Chariot

   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Looking forward to seeing them painted

    1. Maxamillian Walker, the whole project is a present for a friend. He will prime and paint the chariots, so I can not promise anything about the time they will be ready.


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