Friday, April 13, 2012

Dwarf Display Box WIP

   The last five years my Dwarf army has been growing in numbers. All this period of time I had them secured  in transfer boxes and cases. I was jealous of my friends who have a place, closet or something to put their miniatures in. There you can watch them and enjoy, and they are protected as well. With all these in mind, I had an idea to make a display box. With the dimensions of the box fixed (l:50cm, w:30cm, h:20cm) I would be kept from buying more dwarves and on the other hand, I would have a nice place to put my army.  Furthermore, I will use some of the mine workings and mirrors to decorate it, I will paint the interior black and will glue a photo as a background. Finally, I will use cork leaves as a ground where I can make slots for the miniatures. The box has a glass cover, which is not shown here but will be on a future post. 

   Below you can see the whole Dwarf army on a serving disc, waiting for their box:

   There are four blacks to be painted and I decided to paint the eyes of the Heroes at least. 

   And the six Iron Guards Ancients painted and ready for the oncoming battles.  

   That's it for today. Enjoy!     


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