Monday, November 28, 2011


   Shieldbearers are dedicated guardians of their king. Other Dwarves, inspired by them, fight on through even the direst of circumstances, determined to prove their worth in the Shieldbearers' eyes.
    Shieldbearers are Heroes with amazing values such as F=5, D=8, A=2, W=2, etc. That's why I wanted to add them to my army lines. The idea was simple, I would take two Dwarf warriors to convert them into Shieldbearers. As for their appearance, I wanted something to distinquish them from the rest Dwarves. So, I decided to use the two Werewolf shields, which I had as leftovers. These shields are so huge that one can see them from every spot of the battlefield. In any case, since they are SHIELDbearers, they must bear the proper, enormous, SHIELDS. I also armed them with the appropriate medieval weapons, a flail and a holy water sprinkler. The horned helmet's horns came from a 40K miniature, while the horsetail is the upsidedown fire of the Berserker's stick from the siege troops. The horns alignment was a real NIGHTMARE!!!! but the result is worthy, I hope.
 Here are some photos for you to see what I mean: 

     That's it for today. Enjoy!

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