Sunday, February 3, 2019

Some more Secret Entrances of Moria

   Soon my friends and I, we are going to play a Lord of the Ring game, the "Battle of Barazinbar Deeps". The scenario of this battle says that the evil player positions three Secret Entrances of Moria anywhere on the battlefield. Though I have three Secret Entrances I decided to make three more, which at the end of the game I will give to one of my fellow players.
  It is easy to make this type of terrain pieces. I used parts of a plastic box of cotton buds, a white foam tray, blue foam, acrylic putty, pins, white cardboard, white glue, sand, parts of old plastic sprues and static grass.

   Below you can see how I made these entrances, step by step:

White foam tray, parts of the cotton buds box and parts of old sprues

I used white glue and let them all night to dry

The frames of the entrances

Blue foam

I dug some holes in the blue foam board to place the frames

Fitting well!

I used a black pen to draw the stone tiles of the frames

Then I glued them on white cardboard bases

I covered the blue foam with acrylic putty

I painted them black and then black-grey, 

neutral grey,

and light grey.

The "metallic" parts Gunmetal metal and orange for the rust. 

A Grim Hammer for comparison!


   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


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