Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mouth of Sauron and Prague district 3

   Recently a friend asked me to reassemble one of his miniatures, the mounted "Mouth of Sauron". Unfortunately, he had lost the face and the right arm of the miniature. Regarding the arm he gave me the plastic right arm of another miniature. So, to solve the problem of the face I thought to replace it with the mouth of a spare troll head! 

Mouth must have a scary mouth!

The parts

   I had a spare troll face, a remaining of the troll helmet which I used to decorate the base of  my Dwarf Champion. Below you can see the troll head in its sprue.   

All parts together

"Mouth of Sauron"

   During our visit to Prague we stayed in district 3. The metro station of the district is named after Jiriho z Podebrad or George, the King of Bohemia (1458-1471), the leader of the Hussites.

The church of the Most Sacred Heart of our Lord

Zizkov TV tower with observatory and restaurants

Zizkov TV tower at night

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!

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