Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trolls WIP 1

   The other day I decided to open the box of a Mordor / Isengard Troll, which I had bought some years ago! A friend of mine had some unused parts from his own Troll and offered them to me. So, I had a new task: to build as many Trolls of one box as I could! The previous time, back in 2011, I built three Trolls from one box, now I aim for four!

The previous three Trolls

   I plan to build two Mordor Trolls and two Isengard Trolls. I divided in four all the parts of the box sprues and my friend unused parts accordingly.

Mordor Troll A

Isengard Troll A

Mordor Troll B

Isengard Troll B

   I used foam trays to create the three troll bodies, which I needed. 

The foam trays

   I used paperclips to connect the hands with the torsos. 

Mordor Troll B 

The other three bodies

   I divided the plastic troll´s body into three parts, so that each troll has an original piece. 

Isengard Troll A

Isengard Troll B

and Mordor Troll A.

   That´s it for today! Now, it is time for Milliput, putty and green-stuff. Stay tuned for more!


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