Saturday, February 15, 2014


   Shades are undead minions of Angmar. They are nice miniatures but unfortunately not in the lists of GW anymore. I had two Shades kept in the drawers for many years unpainted. It was time for them to emerge on the battlefield and show some action! 

The Shades

   To avoid the twin identical effect I placed one of them on a rock! I put a little orange flower on the other one's base to break the monotony of blue! Here they are:

   That;s it for today! Stay tuned for more!
   Joan, welcome on board!


  1. I think they are great models and pretty darn effective in the game too. A must to support your evil battleline.
    Nicely painted too.

    1. Thank you, Scott! This must be the fastest published comment I have ever had! I just finished the post!
      By the way, your after action reports are amazing! Especially, your "lair of Shelob" was an inspiration for me! Next days I will post something relevant. I always visit your nice blog for ideas!

  2. Great work. It's amazing how the rock makes the two seem so different. I spent a while at first trying to work out how you had converted it!


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