Friday, November 22, 2013

The Blue Dragon

   The Blue Dragon is ready and I want to say that I am very pleased with the final result! Now, my Moria forces are stronger than ever before! 

The Blue Dragon

   Having stayed for more than a night to get dry, the base was ready for the next step, the highlighting. For this purpose I mixed Neutral Grey (992) with White (951) and highlighted the whole base, except the shield, using an old brush. Then, I added more White to the mixture and repeated the highlighting a couple of times.

   After that, I painted every item on the base: the shield, the two swords, the war-axe, the horn, the helmet, the leather pouch and the gold coins. I kept some coins from the Red Dragon base to use them for this one.

   It was time for the Dragon itself to get a better look. I washed the whole model with Strong Tone AP Wash and painted the silver horns, nails and teeth with Ivory (918). I highlighted then the body of the dragon with Sky Blue (961). Finally, I glued the Dragon on its base.

   That's it for today! Enjoy!


  1. This Blue Dragon is really amazing! I love its beautiful color and its great base, beautiful work and good luck to the Moria forces!!

  2. Looks great, I like the chosen color and the finish of the base. looking forward in seeing more great miniatures for lotr.

    Kind regards


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