Friday, November 15, 2013

The Blue Dragon WIP

   As soon as the Red Dragon was ready, it was time for his friend, the Blue Dragon! The later was another not expensive plastic toy for children. Of course, I couldn't leave it as it was painted, with all these silver nails and silver horns!  Furthermore, I had to give it an appropriate oval base to stand on. 

The Dragon toy

   I had a Ziterdes small ruined piece with an animal statue on it, which inspired me to think of a temple ruined base. What did I do? I cut a piece of wood at the proper size and glued white hard paper on it. After that, I glued a light blue piece of super-market food tray over it and grooved some runic alphabet letters on the "floor tiles" and cracks on some "stone tiles" of the rest floor.

The Ziterdes "Watcher of dark"

My wife's contribution of pegs as usual!

Everything stuck on the wooden base

   Finally, I covered the edges of the base and the gaps between the materials with black wood putty, stuck on it little rocks and sand and left it dry for the night. 

Black wood putty, little rocks and sand 

   The next day I stuck some weapons here and there and painted everything grey. Then, I left it again for another night to dry. 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. I really do love these projects of your, a fabulous start.

    1. Thank you Michael for your words, they help me to continue my efforts!


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