Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giant Spiders WIP

   Giant Spiders are the cavalry of a Moria army. They have an efficient S value, two attacks and two important Special Rules! My Moria army has four pairs of them. Each pair consists of two different species, one with stripes and one without.
   Once again, to avoid the monotonous appearence I added pine tree barks to the bases. They serve as stones for the spiders to climb on. Below you can see some photos of the result so far. The next step is to search the net for some nice colour schemes to use as an inspiration for my Giant Spiders little force!  

   The difficult part was to bend their paws to embrace the stones more or less naturally. During the procedure I broke a couple of them and had to stick them back. That was not easy.
   Ozey Stephenson, The Angry Lurker and JonasM, welcome onboard!
   That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Hello Panagiotis! Great spiders. This whole creepy-crawly thing is perfect! Too bad I have glued my spiders already... :(

    Are you thinking of getting the Escape from Goblin Town or is it perhaps not a priority?

    /L S

    1. Hi Llama, thank you for your comments! Unfortunately, EfGT is not a priority at the moment :(

  2. These look superb! Great looking basing, can't wait to see them painted.

  3. Great idea for using bark on the bases. I can't wait to see how they turn out once you're done.

  4. Good work so far.
    I love these troops in the game - fast, and hit hard and can last a turn on the receiving end too having 2wounds.
    My Orcs or Goblins rarely leave home without them!

  5. lookin deadly man, nice and varied now.


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