Thursday, June 21, 2012

Khandish Charioteers WIP

   A new project starts today, the Khandish Charioteers. I will make three chariots in total. One for the Khandish King and two for his personal guards.
   The chariots' poles and axles will be made of balsa wood, while the frame will be made of pieces of a 35mm film plastic tube. Wheels belong to Napoleonic 1/72 plastic cannons. The King and the Mongol horses are TAG miniatures. The Variags and the bases are GW. Below you can see all the parts of the project:

The Mongol horses

The plastic wheels

King and his Variags

The plastic tube

   Of course I am not the first who tries to make such chariots. You can find them in blogosphere, Mister Llama, for instance, has some nice ones.
   So, stay tuned for more. Warg riders are almost ready! 
   By the way, I would like to welcome Bob to our company.


  1. which TAG miniature did you use for your king? can you post a link to it?

    1. The king is the "General with eagle" miniature. Here is the link:

  2. That king really fits well in. Not just size-wise but also by its design. Nice find.

    This project shall be interesting to see how it goes. I guess there's more time for our hobby in the summer time. You have vacation month in July in Greece, as well? Or is it later? Perhaps you can't have any vacation these days with the economy and what not... ?

    All the best/Llama

    1. Here in Greece the majority has vacation during August, the rest has in July. Almost all of us run to the sea during weekends, already the temperature this weekend was 38. As for me, I do not know when exactly I will have vacations yet. So, I will continue with the same rythm (the slow one)!
      Economy situation prevents Greeks to go abroad, in Europe or elsewhere, but it does not stop them to go to the beaches! Thanks God, the Sea, the Sand and the Sun are free!

  3. I see. Well I got parts of my vacation revoked due to the economical-state of my under-staffed company, so I guess you're not alone in this mess. And the rythm is indeed getting slower, not just for me but most of my co-workers!

    If you ever come by the North of Europe, let me know and I'll be glad to show off some beutiful parts of our coast.


    1. Thank you very much for the invitation! To tell you the truth, I have been around the North countries of Europe. This happened in 1990, I was already in the Navy back then. Of course I would be happy to visit your places again, but unfortunately I do not see it for the nearest future. Have you ever been in the South? We are having +42 degrees C these days!!!

  4. Oh my, and I who were complaining when it reached 25C here a few days ago! I think I'll wait visiting the cradle of our Western society a few years until it has cooled down, I mean: +42C! For a polarbear like me, that's almost unbearable!

    Went to Italy (closest I have come to Greece), liked it - even though I would assume there are great differences between the two cultures - but as you were saying: no traveling in the nearest future, sadly enough. Just too much worries with jobs and economics. But the hobby goes well, to end on a happy note!

    Have a good one!


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