Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Bolt Action Soviet Forward Observation teams

    There are two types of forward observers in Bolt Action, the Artillery Forward Observers (AFOs) and the Air Force Forward Observers (AFFOs). The Soviets have an interesting army special rule in Bolt Action, the "Massed Batteries", to represent the Red Army artillery barrages, which were truly terrifying.

AFOs, a Lavochkin La-7 and AFFOs

   I had a Soviet radio operator miniature and the Soviet Army Forward Observation Officer team, which consists of an Officer, a female soldier with signal flags and a soldier with a map. I added two plastic Soviet soldiers in order to build two teams of three models each, the Artillery Forward Observation team and the Air Force Forward Observation team. I also had the model aircraft of LtCol Sergei Fedorovich Dolgushin's La-7. 

Hero of the Soviet Union Dolgushin in the middle and behind his La-7

   Unfortunately, the female soldier had a metal casting problem. She came with no left hand and no flag. To fix the problem, I used the hand of a Soviet plastic soldier and a Sashimono of a Test of Honour plastic Samurai miniature. 

The hand is ok and the flag ready

Problem solved!

   Since the radio operator miniature had no radio, I made one from scratch and gave him also a submachine gun and binoculars.

The assistant radio operator

Both ready!

The Artillery Forward Observation team

The Air Force Forward Observation team

The Lavochkin La-7 of Easy Model

The family photo

   Recently my wife and I, we visited a very nice restaurant on the White Mountains of Crete. They follow the traditional way of cooking in clay pots on fire. The food was delicious! 

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. These are amazing, you have a plane! Love the scratch built radio, really well done.


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