Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gundabad Blackshields Goblins WIP

   Hello! This is my first post after six months of silence. Although I had as a rule to publish at least one post every month, several problems forced me not to follow this rule the current year.        
   First of all, since I used Windows XP till last summer, one day everything on my laptop was blocked due to lack of any upgrades. Furthermore, Picasa program stopped its function. There I kept all my photos and it was the program I used to add watermarks on them, etc! In addition to all these my work kept me super busy all this period of the year. 
   Anyway, now I am back! I would like to say that my blog became 9 years old in August. I hope to be more prolific next year! Meanwhile, I bought the Oathmark Goblins box and one of their blisters. I intend to use them as Gundabad Blackshields Goblins so that my Grim Hammers will have a well-equipped combative opponent. 
   Below you can see their King, a Captain, a Shaman, some banners, a drummer and three group of warriors, two with hand weapons (swords, axes, etc.) and the third with spears.
   That’s all for today! See you next year. Stay safe!

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