Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mordor Trolls / Isengard Trolls and Madrid

   Currently, I have four trolls of Isengard and four trolls of Mordor for my Lord of the Ring games (the forth Mordor troll is still WIP). If I remember correctly, I bought the first Mordor troll / Isengard troll box of Games Workshop back in 2009 and the second in 2015. The boxes had all the necessary parts to build only one Isengard or one Mordor troll, but various versions of each. I considered the remaining spare parts a waste, so I decided  to do something with them. I asked also some spare parts from a friend and finally I managed to build seven trolls in total, three from the first box and four from the second. The eighth troll is an old Mithril miniature. 
   First of all, a family photo of all four Isengard trolls I have. The one on the left and the one on the back are conversions, while the little fellow in front is the Mithril miniature. The other one is the first troll I finished, back in 2011. You can visit the links for more photos. 

The four Isengard trolls

The base on the right is the oldest one.

   Below you can see my first Isengard troll. The photos are old.

  And the two Mordor trolls I made from the remaining spare parts of the first box:

Trolls WIP

   I decided to put the two Mordor trolls on new, plastic, bases and to get rid of the paper ones.

Mordor troll with hammer on a new base.

Mordor troll with club and drum on a new base.

   A photo of the Mordor trolls on new bases together with the Isengard command team. Apart from the Mithril miniature the other three are conversions. 

   Enough with the trolls. Below you can see some photos from my trip to Madrid:


My wife in Plaza de España

Don Quixote y Sancho Panza

Zidane is back!

El Retiro park


Point "Zero", Puerta del Sol

Chocolatería San Ginés: the best churros in the capital!

Monumento a los Caídos por España

"Atlántica juegos" miniatures store

and my "loot"!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


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