Sunday, January 11, 2015

The "kneeling" Dweller

   Recently, we went to Athens for Christmas after five months we have spent in Spain. I checked my display cabinets and every miniature I left back home was fine except for one of my Dwellers! It became a "kneeling" dweller! The base which I made for this dweller was not the proper one and I thought that this and the hot Greek summer were the reasons of the miniature condition. I was wrong by half! My base was not the reason, but the finecast was! My friend Scott faced the same problem and not only he remedied the miniature but he found a very clever solution to prevent it in the future!   

The "kneeling" dweller

and how it was!

"the sorry state" as Scott says!

   That's it for today! Stay tuned for more!


  1. Nice to know it wasn't just mine! Thanks for the mention, I hope you get yours fixed up soon.
    I was thinking a little more on the problem and I think a little sponge foam wedged in place should prevent further droops, if you don't have handy access to a fridge!

    1. I tried to find some material to match with the rest base, but I failed! So, I am thinking of using a small transparent cylinder to keep it in place while it is in the display cabinet. And I will remove it for the games!

  2. This is such a shame, especially after all the hard work you chaps have put into the model to begin with.


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