Sunday, August 31, 2014

New home ....again!

   As I have already mentioned we, me and my wife, live now in the southern part of Andalusia. Finally, I found the spot for my hobby activities in our new house! it is very nice and has a great advantage, the fantastic view! I can see the Atlantic ocean from the spot I am sitting! 

My spot!

I have to set up some more things!

The view from my spot

and from the terrace 

While I was walking around at El Puerto I found this shop

The Cathedral of El Puerto de Sta Maria
The Cathedral of Jerez de la Frontera

"Paellia Negra" Though it looks like a mud full with worms it tastes delicious!

   That's it for today! I have to start painting at last! 


  1. XD "Mud filled with worms!"

    Happy for you, this looks truly great! Good times - especially with the gaming store!

    1. Thank you very much LLama! I hope things will be ok for us here.

  2. Ey, welcome to Andalucía. I live near Sevilla, so near you.
    I hope you enjoy with this place, I'm sure.

  3. Glad you have settled in, hope it all works out for you! Black Paellia? Whatever next! ;)

    1. Black Paella is great, the rice is mixed with squid ink... is delicious!

    2. Squid ink! So that's what it was... !


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